IT Career Paths

Which tech career is right for me?

Graduating soon? Or moving into technology from a different industry? From product design, to software development and digital marketing: tech offers many different career paths. Your interests, expertise and degree will point you in the right direction on where to look.

It's not an easy choice to make. Each career has its own focus areas and specialties. We have created a simplified overview of the IT profession so you can learn about the industry and figure out your optimal career path. Or use our Skills Matcher to figure out which career is right for you by answering a few short questions.


Software development brings product designs to life. Developers create and maintain software applications for end-users, and automate business processes which improves efficiency. Most developers fall in one of two groups: back-end developers and front-end developers.


Product people are responsible for the conceptualizing and creation of digital products and tools. They talk to stakeholders (management, users), design features, and come up with easy to use interfaces. Their work is converted by the development team into functional software.

Digital marketing

Marketing brings in revenue and can be inbound or outbound. Digital marketing is the art and skill of convincing potential clients to pay for your service or use your software through the web. It's about properly communicating the value of your solution to your clients.

Other careers

There are many more career paths, but some are very specific to the organisation in which you work. We have listed a few of them below.