Digital marketer

Main tasks
  • Broad channel marketing
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
Skills required
  • Persuasion
  • Storytelling
  • Creative problem solving
Average salary (monthly)
€2,600 gross€1,930 net
€4,000 gross€2,500 net
Digital marketer image

What is a digital marketer?

Digital marketers are broad skilled marketing specialists with knowledge of inbound and outbound marketing. They have a less specific focus than SEO and SEA specialists, but explore the most effective digital marketing strategies for the organisation as a whole. A common goal is to increase brand recognition in the target market the organisation is operating in.

This means broader responsibilities than SEO specialists (inbound) or SEA/paid marketing specialists (outbound). Where an SEO specialist will be working on getting a website to rank well for certain content, the digital marketer will be able to run a video campaign on Instagram interviewing happy customers.

And while the paid marketing specialist is aiming for a collection of paid Instagram ads that convert well and are profitable for the company, the digital marketer can take a longer term approach and set up a campaign with influencers on Tiktok to review the product being sold.

They can also take an interest in e-mail marketing campaigns and often collaborate with other partners (affiliate deals).

Commonly used tools

 Google Analytics
 Campaign Monitor

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