Software developer (Front-end)

Main tasks
  • Creation of visual elements
  • Converting interfaces
Skills required
  • Programming
  • Analytical ability
  • Problem solving
Average salary (monthly)
€2,650 gross€1,950 net
€4,300 gross€2,630 net
Software developer (Front-end) image

What is a frontend software developer?

Front-enders convert designs into functional interfaces that can interact with the functionality and processes developed by back-enders.

A frontend software developer converts designs made by a UX/UI designer into app interfaces (either for Windows, Mac or Linux). Usually these interfaces will end up being nonfunctional and need to be linked up with actual functionality by a backend developer.

When converting interfaces from designs you will need a strong eye for detail. Designs don't always account for all the use-cases when filled with actual data, and you will often need to fix that.

Backend and frontend developers work together to make sure the final product sufficiently represents the design created by the design team.

Technical skills

 C# / .NET
 Java / Swing
 Swift / Interface Builder
 React Native

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